XIOS 6.1 – Introduction to XtremIO Native Replication

Executive Summary Critical business processes require data replication for various purposes such as data protection or production environment duplication for development, testing, analytics or operations. Data replication over the wire requires many customers to compromise either on RPO (Recovery Point Objective) or bandwidth cost for transferring the high […]

XtremIO X2-T, What’s in a Name

At Dell Technologies World 2018, we have announced a new member of the X2 family, known as “X2-T”, this is a lower cost configuration designed for the entry level markets X2-T comes in a single X-Brick configuration that scales from 34.5TB raw up to 69.1TB raw or 369TB […]

XIOS 6.1 – Hosts Paths Monitoring

Internally, I refer to XIOS 6.1 as the “Protection Anywhere” version, you may think about the Native Replication aspect of the XMS / AppSync integration aspect of it but there is another layer, protecting you, the customers from making mistakes, we are after all, humans.. Motivation Storage arrays […]