EMC World 2011 – A Customer Interview


finally landed back in the pond after the madness known as EMC World 2011.

as part of the conference, Wikibon / SiliconAngle interviewed and Jossef Jan (CLALBIT CIO) and Haim Inger (CLALBIT CTO) about their Virtualized Tier1 Applications..I’m proud for us EMC to have such a customer and I’m even happier to be able to implement the VMware layer at their site during the project we ran for the last 2 years.

the interview is a must not because they praised EMC but because they talked around the burning support issues when virtualizing SAP / Oracle

I also submitted two sessions for the upcoming VMworld 2011 which will details the journey in lengths, so please, if you are interested, vote for them.

the registration url is located at: http://www.vmworld.com/cfp.jspa

Sessions Description:

1.1435 – this will describe the path CLAL BIT Insurance took toward their journey to virtualized their environment, the rationale behind it, the concern they had behind virtualizing tier 1 apps, I can ensure you it’s a fascinating story (and the customer is also an entertainer!)

3. 1309 – This Session will detail my (and the customer) experience with a VIEW 4.6 POC lifecycle up to a production stage.

Thanks! and enjoy




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