VMware Horizon 7 Instant Clones Technology on XtremIO

One of the new cool technologies that VMware have come up with recently is Instant Cloning aka “forking”.

Is was actually talked about way back in 2014 & 2015 but actually saw the light in Horizon 7 as part of just in time technology for VDI VMs.

You can read about it here


as someone who works a lot with VDI and helping our XtremIO customers to leverage the array in the best way they can, I wanted to examine the workload of instant clones VMs on a single XtremIO X-Brick, for this I provisioned 2500 VDI VMs running windows 10 (which in itself is very new to VDI as I only starting to see customers who are starting deploying it now) and office 2016, I didn’t take the easy route as both windows 10 + office 2016 add a significant load on the infrastructure (compute + storage) but since I want to be able to help with future deployments on XtremIO, I chose these two.

In order to generate the workload on the 2500 VMs, I used LoginVSI which is the industry standard to simulate VDI workloads.

The results can see below J

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