VMworld 2016, EMC AppSync & XtremIO Integration with VMware vCenter

What an awesome year for us at EMC XtremIO, so many things going on!

One of the announcements we are making at VMworld is the integration between Appsync to the vCenter but what does it actually mean?

Well, if you are new to Appsync, I suggest you start here:


so still, what’s new?

We are now offering you, the vCente / vSphere / Cloud administrator to operate Appsync from the vCenter Web UI, why? Because we acknowledge that every admin is used to work with one tool as the “portal” to his / her world and instead of forcing you to learn another UI (in our case, it’s the AppSync UI), you can do it all from the vCenter UI.

Apart from the repurposing your test / dev environment which Appsync is known for (utizling the amazing XtremIO CDM engine) , I want to take a step back and focus on one use case that is relevant for EVERY vSphere / XtremIO customer out there which is backing up and restore VMs for free, no, really. You can now take as many snapshots that you want and be able to restore from each one, you can either:

  1. Restore a VM or VMS

  1. Restore a full volume (datastore) and the VMs that were in it

  2. Restore a file from within the VM c: / d: etc drive! No agent required!

    Very powerful engine since the majority of the restore requests from the last week or so, so you can happily use the XtremIO XVC engine to restore it from, easy, powerfull and again ,free!

    See the short demo here:

    See a full demo here:

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