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VSI 7.0 Is Here, VPLEX Support Is Included!


We have just released the 7th version! Of the VSI (Virtual Storage Integrator) vCenter plugin, this release includes

  1. VPLEX VIAS Provisioning (and viewing support), yes, its been a feature that was long due and I’m proud to say it’s here now, so first we need to register VPLEX which is a pretty much straightforward thing to do

    VPLEX VIAS Provisioning Support – Use

    VPLEX Integrated Array Service (VIAS)
    ŸCreate virtual volumes from pre-defined storage pools on supported arrays. These storage pools are visible to VPLEX through array management providers (AMPs)
    ŸSimplify the provisioning, by comparing with the traditional provisioning from storage volumes

    VPLEX VIAS Provisioning Support –

    Software Prerequisites
    VMware vSphere 6.0 or 5.5
    VMware vSphere Web Client
    VMware ESX/ESXi hosts
    VMware vCenter Servers (single or linked-mode)
    ŸStorage Prerequisites
    VPLEX 5.5/6.0
    Only support XtremIO/VMAX3/VNX Block
    Storage pool is created on the array
    AMP is registered with VPLEX, connectivity status is OK.

    VPLEX VIAS Provisioning Support –
    Provision VMFS Datastore on Host Level

    VPLEX VIAS Provisioning Support –
    Provision VMFS Datastore on Cluster Level

    VPLEX VIAS Provisioning Support –
    Provision VMFS Datastore

    VPLEX VIAS Provisioning Support –
    Provision VMFS Datastore

    VPLEX VIAS Provisioning Support –
    Provision VMFS Datastore

    Let’s see a demo about how it all works, thanks for Todd Toles who recorded it!

    Multiple vCenters Support – Background
    VSI 6.7 or Older
    Designed to work with single vCenter
    Multiple vCenters are not supported totally
    More and more customers requested this
    ŸVSI 6.8
    XtremIO use cases
    ŸVSI 6.9.1 & 6.9.2
    RecoverPoint & SRM use cases
    Unity/UnityVSA use cases

    Quality Improvement – Batch
    Provisioning Use Case
    Customer provisions 30 datastores on a
    cluster which has 32 ESXi hosts, the vCenter
    will fall into no response
    ŸRoot Cause: there are huge tasks (e.g.
    ~900+ “Rescan all HBA” and “Rescan VMFS”
    tasks) created in a short time, which
    generates a rescan storm and impacts the
    vCenter much

    What have we done to fix it?

    Code changes to optimize the host rescan
    operations invoked by VSI
    ŸManually configure the vCenter advanced settings to add “config.vpxd.filter.hostRescanFilter=false
    , which disables the automatic VMFS rescanning on each host (under the same
    cluster) when create a new datastore for the cluster. Enable this filter when batch provisioning is done.

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