ESG Lab Validation: Protecting Oracle Databases with Dell EMC for XtremIO

ESG (The Enterprise Strategy Group) have just released a new validation report for Dell EMC XtremIO and ProtectPoint

This report documents hands-on testing and validation of Dell EMC ProtectPoint technology for XtremIO with Dell EMC
Data Domain for protection storage. The report highlights data protection for Oracle Databases, with a focus on the
performance and efficiency of backups and restores at the host, network, and storage layers.

If you are new to ProtectPoint, I highly encourage you to first have a read here


and watch this demo below

and to the WP itself..

For several years, IT executives and professionals have consistently cited improving data backup and recovery, and
managing data growth among their top IT priorities in ESG’s annual IT spending intentions survey (see Figure 1).1 When
infrastructure failure or data corruption interrupts access to production data, organizations must be able to restore both
the information and application/user access to it quickly. Extended outages mean lost revenue and productivity, and
possibly the inability to meet regulatory requirements.
ESG research also indicates that IT leaders are increasingly focused on improved recoverability. In ESG’s survey exploring
trends in data protection modernization, respondents cited increased reliability of backups or recoveries, increased speed
and agility of recoveries, and increased speed or frequency of backups among the top data protection mandates for IT

The white paper can be downloaded from here http://research.esg-global.com/reportaction/dellemcprotectingoracledatabases/Toc

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