XIOS 6.1 – Integrating AppSync With the XtremIO X2 XMS

Wow, one of my mini projects is finally here

For years, XtremIO has been known as the go to platform for the CDM use case, if you are new to this world, you may want to first have a read at these posts:


but in a nutshell, the XtremIO XVC (snapshots) capability allows you to take thousands of snapshots without hurting the source volume performance or without creating extra capacity waste, the glue for the application integration (put an Oracle DB into a backup mode etc) was always done via AppSync.

We wanted to make the integration tighter…why?

Because the world is NOT a single dimension based, for example, if I’m a VMware admin that wants to backup my VMs, I may not want to use the Appsync UI, for that reason, you can actually perform these tasks directly from within vCenter which integrates directly to AppSync..

You can read more about it here https://xtremio.me/2017/01/30/vsi-7-1-is-here-vsphere-6-5-supported/

BUT, what if I’m the STORAGE admin??

This pose a good question because I’m not likely to learn the AppSync UI and I’m definitely not likely to learn the VMware vCenter UI..this is where this new XIOS 6.1 integration comes in, you can now backup your vSphere VMs or datastores and be able to restore specific VMs or the entire datastores directly from the XtremIO Web UI

See a video demo I recorded below

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