Powerpath/VE 5.4 SP2 P01

Hi, So for those of you who haven’t upgraded to vSphere 5 yet which is being supported by Powerpath/VE 5.7 and are still on vSphere 4.1, we have released an hot fix for PP/VE 5.4 SP2 known as “P01”.   PowerPath/VE 5.4 SP2 P01 PowerPath/VE 5.4 SP2 P01 […]

VNXe + ESXi = Small IT Kit

Hi, Today, we will have a guest post by one of our best TC’s – Genady Paker   We completed to work on a design of a small IT kit based on VMware ESXi Product and VNXe3300 storage system. Purpose of such kit is to be suitable for […]

My VMworld 2011 europe Schedule

Hi, I just finished building my session scheduler, this one is mainly focused around the next wave Application development.. come and join me on Wednesday between 1:30-2:30 PM, session BCA1931 if you want to hear about some real world massive MS SharePoint 2010 deployment

PowerPath/VE 5.7 is now out!

Hi, We have just GA’d PowerPath/VE 5.7 Multipathing provides two main functions: 1.Dynamic and intelligent load balancing 2.Path failover and path recovery •PowerPath/VE load balancing offers automated configuration and optimization with intelligent routing to the best possible path for every I/O – •PowerPath/VE quickly, non-disruptively and automatically redirects […]


Hi, with the new ESXi 5 comes a better DCUI, here’s are the new troubleshooting options:     We have some new System Logs:   1. Syslog 2. VMkernel 3. config 4. Management Agent (VPXD) 5. Virtual Center Agent (VPXA)   6. VMware ESXi Observation log

Configuring VMware vSphere Auto Deploy

In this example, I will be using SolarWinds TFTP, but really, it can be any TFTP server you are feeling comfortable working with.. File > Configure, Start The Service, point the root directory to the folder where you put the ESXi bundle.     on the TFTP Server, […]